Saturday, May 16, 2009

The 1990's.

I grew up in the 90's . Yeah, I remember the 1980's, I was born in 1976. However, the 1990's were my coming of age, and I honestly thought they would never end. In fact, going into the new millennium, I never thought about what year it "was", but that 2000 was one year after 1999 and 1995 was only five years beforehand.

Needless to say the fact that 1995 was 14 years ago is not only shocking, but unsettling.

*sits down, pulls on Mr. Rogers-esque V-neck cardigan*

The 90's changed everything. It was the beginning of reality TV, blatant drug use was poeticized in pop songs, gay people were allowed to be GAY, and we were all tattooing and piercing ourselves like voodoo dolls...... So, not much has changed.

I am having a hard time getting older, because I still feel the same. Whenever I hear Tribe Called Quest or Archers of Loaf, it feels like brand new.

So to sit here and watch VH1 do a "Best of the 90's" show, I not only feel in my element, I feel incredibly out of place......

What a drag it is getting old.


  1. Stuck a pin in your backbone!

  2. All I ever wanted was to be your spine.

  3. Hey, we rock! Let's start a band! I'll do all the hard stuff; you just work full time for a while until I get us signed.

  4. I'm not falling for that line again!

  5. Just found you Katy - and so I've
    only read these couple of posts.
    IF you think it's a drag getting old, and you're all of 32, you
    are doing it wrong!
    You're just coming into your
    own as a woman, and trust me,
    the 40's are fabulous.

    You've got a long way to go - might as well enjoy it. Life
    does tend to fly by though, so
    I'm hoping you'll adjust that
    'drag' concept. Don't know
    if you are, or not, but stay
    healthy ! I used to remember
    my parents saying that- and now
    I'm writing a comment on a
    blog that I've just begun to read
    and wanting to reach in there and
    give you a big big attitude
    adjustment on this topic.

    I obviously grew up a decade after
    you - and I love, love knowing
    all the words to those songs from
    the 80's and the 90's, I love my
    memories. Hope you will too.

    (who will definitely read on) :)


  6. Thanks Cassandra! Welcome!

  7. oops, thanks for the welcome.
    Found my way back, but of course,
    I did mean the decade before you.

    :) of course, all that wisdom
    and no idea about 'burning out
    from Haight-Ashbury ? but I will
    look into that.