Monday, June 28, 2010

Ten Ways To Fail At Coming Up With A List For Monday

10. Allowing your kitty to sit on your laptop because you both could use a snuggle.

9. Asking your Lil' Honey his opinion on a list topic, only to have him reply "boobies."

8. Relying on Divine Intervention

7. Fiber-Optics On Demand. They have Clueless! For Free! As IF!

6. Seriously, it will be an act of Maude if I ever get anything done, ever again.


4. Consulting Magic Eightball. Magic Eightball has proven itself to be incredibly lazy when it comes to predictions and consistently instructs me to "ask again later." Sloth.

3. Beyonce's Fashion Faux Pas! LOOK AT THAT HAIR! BAD FORM, BEYONCE.

2. Using Beyonce Knowles as an excuse for being distracted during list making and the guilt that ensues. I'm sorry Beyonce. Let's never fight again.

1. Preoccupation with Dick Cheney and the fact that EVIL JUST NEVER FRIGGIN DIES! ARGH!



  1. Twitter tard wars? Not Mayo again, j'espere?

  2. Hahahaha! No, a friendly tete-a-tete