Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Getting to Know Me

Thursday, February 02, 2006
Four Things Category: Quiz/Survey
I stole this from www.dooce.com, a blog of a woman I don't know and her blogger friends that crack me up....Just slightly stalker-ish.
Four jobs I’ve had
1. Taco Bell Chilito maker. I lasted at this for about four hours. Then they had me take out the trash, so I did. Then, I got in my car and NEVER went back. I still have the uniform. For the memories.
2. Childrens' Rides Operator @ Paramounts Kings Island. This is where I learned that children are not the annoying problems, their parents are the annoying problems.
3. Landscape Maintenance Crew Lady for my mom's landscaping company. That was the first time I ever awoke for work at 5 am and the last. I also have never been asked out on more dates in my life and NO I am NOT bragging. This was around the time Billy Ray Cyrus was Achy Breaking my ear drums.
4. Cupboard Girl. Nothing like working at a Head Shop with the Bongs and Dongs. We got some really great obscene phone calls there. I also loved risking my life by pissing off crack dealers daily.
Four movies I can watch over and over
1.Sixteen Candles
2.Some Kind Of Wonderful
3. Better Off Dead
4. The Lord Of the Rings Triology.
Four places I have lived
1. London Ohio, on the farm where I wrestled guinea pigs, went craw dad fishing and drove a tractor by age eight. My parents were quite safety conscience.
2. Columbus Ohio in the Bexley Area. This where I learned to HATE bagels.
3. Cincinnati Ohio. Where the magic began.
4. Covington Kentucky. Where I really learned what ugly people looked like.
Four TV shows I love
1. Arrested Development (RIP)
2.Saturday Night Live
3. Taradise
4. Wife Swap.
Four places I’ve vacationed
1. Destin, Florida
2. Paris France
3. Hanalai Bay, Kuaui Hawaii
4. St. Simon's Island
Four of my favorite dishes
1. Salmon Sashimi
2. Dragon Rolls from TEAK
3. Thai Basil from Bangkok Bistro
4. Chicken Makhani from AMBAR!
Four sites I visit daily
1. MySpace
2. www.dooce.com
3. www.craigslist.org
Four places I would rather be right now
1. Sitting on the banks of the Seinne with Hotbuns and some wine.
2. In a rowboat on the pond at Versailles with Hotbuns.
3. On the back deck of our house having a beach party with the Toddler Mayhem.
4. Nestled next to Hotbuns on the beach by the Pacific, staring at the ocean and Puff the magic dragon.

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