Thursday, January 8, 2009

Blog Focus and Lobster Incidents

Blogging has turned into such the "industry" these days, which is just funny to me. What essentially started off as a computerized, online diary in which people stayed in touch with friends and family; has turned into the Op-Eds, Gossip, Entertainment, articles that used to be exclusive to magazines and newspapers.

I follow some blogs that are strictly for hobby, some are meant to tone the muscles of the author's creative writing skills, some are gossip, some are funny, and some authors make serious jack from advertising and don't have to hold down 9-5ers. I think that is tremendous for those authors. I wish I possessed the talent, foresight and entrepreneurship of those individuals!

Unfortunately, with the good, comes the bad and the ugly. One disadvantage to the blog, which you never really saw in the hard-copy, print world: Blogs strictly created to attack other blogs and their authors..

It's sad and gross, but it is the internet..... What should we expect, really? Just browse the Rants and Raves section of Craigslist for a minute, and you get the gist of the kind of bottom feeders that grace the world wide web with the benefit of anonymity. It's amazing the "king kong" sized balls someone can grow, under the cloak of disguise, as well as the amount of vitriol that can come forth from their souls.

Purely fascinating.

Anyhoodle, back to my blog and what I am trying to accomplish here..... Well, nothing really. I enjoy the experience of writing, it's incredibly cathartic for me, and it helps me sort out my issues. I must say, that I really don't feel like I fit into the blogosphere. Most women my age fall into the "Mommy Blogger" category, a category that many blogs I really enjoy fall into, but one that could not be further from my life.

I'm not a mommy.

I have been with my fiance for five years and he has two children that were babies when we got together, whom I have helped raise.... But, I'm not their mommy. I am their step-parent, their "Katy", which really does not give me license to discuss them too intimately here.... I have written about them before because they are wonderful, beautiful, smart, hilarious, and I love the shit out of them!...... But, it is really just better that I leave them out of my writing.

Plus, what's there to say other than this:

Being a step-parent is incredibly awesome, and, rewarding, while simultaneously, very hard, hurtful, alienating, and angering.

That's about it.

Other than that, I am an early thirties, career woman, who dreams of being a childless housewife, so I can cook, garden, clean and volunteer for neighborhood projects all day. Working is the pits. Please send money.


I was blogging on Big Booty Judy about my weight loss, which I have hit my goal, but I got bored of talking about it. I also became bored of posting everything I ate and breaking down recipes all of the time. I felt it made me sound as if I had a superiority complex, or held the secret to success for weight loss, which I don't.

So, what do I blog about?


And everything.

That has to do with me, and what I watch, think, experience, enjoy..

If it is boring to some, they can leave.

What do I want to accomplish?

Nothing really.

I am just trying to be a better person by getting things off of my chest and by trying to be creative and funny.

That's all.

OH, recently I was asked about "lobster incidents", and what that was all about.

Let's just say, after electrocutions and rising of the dead, I am done cooking lobsters at home.

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  1. Right on!

    There is nothing else to say, but Right on!

    Blogging is so individual. I enjoy your "non mommy" blog! LOL!